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Video Teaser Ad

This is for a video teaser ad designed for your social media video marketing campaigns. This includes 30-45 seconds of a professional production designed to bring your leads to your site. (You can view an example on the portfolio page).

Design based on your description, and background music to feature your product, service or story. Voiceover is also included, or you can substitute a voiceover for one video stinger of your choosing. Teaser ads can be equally effective with or without voice.

You provide: an INITIAL script or description of maximum 50 words (or 5 short sentences) to give us an idea of what to make the video about, your logo and business information, we do the rest!



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Griffin Media Publishing specializes in video marketing, but we are also a full service agency.  Would you like to inquire about custom marketing for your business?  Fill out the form on our main site and we will get back to you with our analysis as soon as possible!


Griffin Media Publishing is a professional agency producing high quality and creative videos based on client demands and specifications. We specialize in video marketing, YouTube marketing, video SEO and targeting, among others. We help clients increase their product sales and leads through effective videos made by our talented expert marketing team.


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